About me

I am interested in how human actions transform the Earth and how humanity can learn to manage this transformation. My research to date has focused on solar geoengineering, a proposal to directly alter the Earth’s energy budget to offset the warming effect of greenhouse gases.

My research has 3 broad strands:

  • I work with climate and Earth system models to understand the potential impacts of climate change and solar geoengineering, e.g. on the terrestrial hydrological cycle and on sea-level rise.
  • I work to synthesize and interpret these findings; developing analysis approaches for evaluating the overall balance of risks and benefits from solar geoengineering and working to improve representations of solar geoengineering in economic and other models.
  • I collaborate with researchers from a range of disciplines to explore the implications of solar geoengineering in their fields, e.g. I have collaborated with others to explore the ethical and legal challenges of compensation for solar geoengineering and to understand its governance implications.

While my research has focused on solar geoengineering to date, I’m looking to work on some of the nearer-term challenges posed by humanity’s interactions with the natural world. For example, I’m interested in how terrestrial hydrology will be altered by climate change, and how humanity and the biosphere will shape this change and be shaped by it.

If you’re interested in research on how human actions are changing the climate and broader Earth system, or in the possibility of solar geoengineering, get in contact!